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Trainer - Travers Stakes-Saratoga-8/28/21-Part 1of2

08/27 & 09/10

In Part 1 of our 2 Part ‘Talking Horses'(R) series, Trainer Gary Contessa discusses the Travers Stakes Entries for Saturday 8/28/21 with Dr. Gregory Beroza aka HorseDoc(R). The top male 3-year-old thoroughbreds for 2021 are competing in the Saratoga mid-Summer classic 1-1/4 mile race for a $1.25 Million dollar purse. Winning would advance several horses potential careers toward the Breeder’s Cup Classic $6 Million dollar race in California in November. Performance in the Travers often affects ‘Horse of the Year’ honors and besides the significant purse money, helps to establish enhanced future value for those performing well as stallion prospects. This candid 15 minute interview discusses many pertinent subjects including: which horse has the greatest chance of winning; what is the future for Doug O’Neill’s ‘Hot Rod Charlie’ which is bypassing this race for the Pennsylvania Derby; how has the ‘no whip’ mandate affected racing in New Jersey; and many more controversial topics. It is a great interview creating a better understanding of the current thoroughbred race game. Part 2 is a similar interview with Trainer Doug O’Neill regarding the Travers and the future racing agenda for ‘Hot Rod Charlie’. Each interview compliments the other. Best- DrB ‘HorseDoc’

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