Celia Earl

College Senior - "ADP Hearing Deficits"


Celia Earl is a senior student at Hofstra University studying Journalism and History. She currently works with her college radio station 88.7FM WRHU Radio Hofstra University. Celia has interned for iHeartRadio, Sirius XM and the Joe Piscopo Show on AM970 ‘The Answer’. She hopes to one day produce and host her own radio show.

Wonder what it’s like to be frustrated with difficulties in understanding what your friends and teachers are saying or why you are being ridiculed for being slow? Do you know anyone in this predicament? At age 2 Celia lost the hearing in her left ear following a sickness which caused a high fever. She shares her experience of how she discovered the root of her disability and how she successfully navigates through life with a unique hearing disorder. For more information about ADP and the Learning Disability Association of America visit: http://bit.ly/2MES8Vv

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