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About Dr. Gregory Beroza

Dr. Beroza has vast experience in print, photo, video, and broadcast journalism, for which he has been professionally recognized. His expertise extends into all aspects of health, science, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle experiences. Dr. Beroza is a double board certified specialist in veterinary surgery (ACVS) and practice (ABVP), with over 45 years professional work including academia, authoring peer reviewed scientific articles, obtaining a functional medical patent, and becoming the successful owner/operator of a state of the art full service equine veterinary hospital and a historic polo club. Dr. Beroza trained and collaborated with several prominent doctors in human medicine, surgery, and rehabilitation. His clients include some of today’s who’s who celebrities. He appeared on several major television networks. Dr. Beroza launched his own podcast with ongoing photo-video interviews in addition to his successful HorseDoc ‘Talking Horses’ YouTube productions.

Additional Media & Clinical Experience

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Dr. Gregory A. Beroza

Dr. Beroza has over 45 years of clinical experience throughout which he has utilized his scientific knowledge of health related topics in pursuit of journalistic excellence.
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