Rachel Maro

Nutritional Consultant - Revolutionary Vitamin B3-NR

08/27 & 09/03

Image of Rachel Maro a Nutritional Consultant

Rachel Maro has been a ‘Nutritional Consultant’ in the Long Island, New York area for 18 years. Her expertise are in Health, Nutrition, Vitamins and Wellness.

Rachel is a passionate caring ‘people person’ who enjoys advising friends and clients about health and well-being issues via diet, vitamins, supplements and life-styles. Today we discuss with Rachel her advocacy of one of her favorite new healthcare supplements: ie a newly discovered form of Vitamin B3 (NR).

The benefit of using B vitamins is not new. However, a recently discovered new form of Vitamin B3, now known as Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride and marketed as Niagen (NR) emerged as a potential real game changer. Clinical Studies tout its benefits for overall health improvement, decreasing the effects of aging, brain and cardiovascular function support, and weight loss.

Users are empirically reporting more energy, better sleep, better memory, decreased muscle soreness, weight loss, and decreased appetite. It apparently increases energy production by our cellular mitochondria.

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