Kevin Westley

12/05 & 12/12

Kevin Westley Passing Legislation for Marijuana Use

What does an Irish DJ, Singer, Karaoke Entertainer and Certified Irish Ceili Dance Instructor have to do with supporting the ‘Legalization of Marijuana’ in New York State? Today’s very accomplished Guest isn’t known for shying away from controversial topics. In fact, Kevin Westley has developed a reputation for ‘shaking up the establishment’.

Kevin was ‘The Guy’ who bought up all of Walmart’s offensive St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts and returned his massive purchases after the holiday was over.

In our interview Kevin openly discusses his convictions for supporting all uses of marijuana in New York State. To date, only its medical use is legal, while Governor Andrew Cuomo continues pushing for an effort to also legalize its recreational use.

Today’s discussion centers on the many arguments pro and con for both those uses.