Dr. Eric Gillitzer

12/19 & 12/26

Did you ever wonder why it’s so important to understand the principles of ‘Disinfection and Sterilization needed to keep invading bacteria at bay? Or did you ever realize that too much Disinfection or Sterilization may produce negative consequences? Today we are talking to Dr. Eric Gillitzer, who is a highly trained expert in this area.

Dr. Gillitzer served in the Peace Corp in Thailand where he witnessed the importance of personal and environmental hygiene. He received his PhD from the acclaimed Molecular and Cellular Biology Program from New York’s Stony Brook University in association with the world famous Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It is home to the pioneer scientist Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix DNA code.

After a stint at teaching and research at Montana State University, Dr. Gillitzer became a senior research scientist at Mesa Labs of Lakewood, Colorado; working out of their manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana. They manufacture and distribute biological and chemical indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the sterilization process.

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