Rachel Meyer

Licensed Physical Therapist - Rehabilitating Total Knee Replacements

01/16 & 01/23

Image of Rachel Meyer 1 Physical Therapist

Rachel Meyer, PT is a Physical Therapist with over 37 years of clinical experience. Presently she splits her professional practice time between Huntington, New York and Ocala, Florida. Ms. Meyer provides rehabilitation for post-operative joint replacement as well as spine and sports injuries. As of 2014, over 7.2 million Americans are now living with total knee and hip replacements. Today’s discussion revolves around her experience specifically related to rehabilitation following Total Knee Replacement.

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https://mayocl.in/2tPKyz6  Mayo Clinic Joint Replacement Study Knees & Hips 2014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yL5maSn3M-g  Total Knee Replacement Exercises -Doctor Jo
 http://bit.ly/36NeEBY  Total Knee Replacement Recovery