Robert Biancavilla

Aritsan Baker; former Assist. District Attorney - Artisan Baking at Duck Island Bread Company

01/02 & 01/09

Picture of Robert Biancavilla Artisan Baker

What do an Artisan Baker, a criminal prosecuting Assistant District Attorney, and a former Law School Professor all have in common? They are all one and the same person. After a life of tough assignments and criminal investigations; and after a needed career change, our guest, former Suffolk County Homicide Deputy Chief, DA Robert Biancavilla turned his boyhood passion into a new beginning. He reignited a first love for baking into a respected and highly patronized local community bakery and a popular thriving business.

Former ADA and now ‘Bob the Baker’ himself, creates by hand, from scratch, delicious classic European breads, pastries, brioche, buns, cookies, brownies, scones, croissants & pretzels. In 2011 he started his now established Duck Island Bread Company to first showcase at the Northport Farmer’s Market on Long Island, New York. He did such after much formal study at night, and in his spare time, to bolster his passion. His Duck Island Bread Company now functions out of its own quaint bakery store in nearby Huntington.

Today we caught up with Bob at his bakery to chat about this uniquely professional evolutionary experience. His business motto is, baking no bread before its time.”

201 E. Main Street, Huntington, NY        631/223-2799        [email protected]

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