Peter King -3

Congressman - Sports-Politics-Life Part 3/3

04/23 & 04/30

Peter KIng in best boxing pose wearing blue tshirt

Peter King is Long Island, NY’s political Elder Statesman Congressman but after his 14th Term he will not run for re-election in 2020. ‘Pete’ as he is known to his friends, is tough in appearance but as sensitive to social issues as a Conservative Republican can be. He is a Moderate and Independent voice on issues that affect the citizens he represents.

Pete secured 9-11 victims’ rights and financial support, obtained funding for Super-Storm Sandy victims, protected us from MS-13, fought against anti-Semitism, preserved tax benefits to high-paying New Yorkers, promoted better gun control standards for all citizens’ safety. He’s been a former Chair of the US Homeland Security Committee.

In our 3 Part Series, we talk openly about local and national politics, and Pete’s passion for sports and fitness; particularly baseball, boxing and equestrian activities. 3/26/20

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