“One Vet’s Perspective on Corona-19 Virus” by DrGBeroza

Poster of Covid 19 Virus Update By WHO

‘One Veterinarian’s Perspective on Corona-19 Virus’  by Dr.GBeroza  4/5/20 – statements are only my personal opinion & officially backed by no one else

The CV-19 Pandemic infection originated in China as a new strain of virus attributed to animal-human cross contamination of blood involving the slaughter of bats in the Wuhan market. That market has since reopened for the sale of bats and other exotic animals which have been linked to creation of CV-19, SARS, MERS and HIV…..

We are fighting a war against the CV-19 virus. Mos of us are following recommended health instructions and staying put in our home bunkers. There is discussion about using the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine. While many purist scientists advise against substantial personal testimonies, at this time we have no better options. Once a victimized patient goes on a ventilator, the odds for a fatal outcome increase exponentially…..

The economics and aftermath of cleaning up the effects of this catastrophic infection are beyond comprehension. There are newly developing stories including research in Austrailia studying the use of a well-known and commonly used veterinary anti-parasitic, Ivermectin. There are recent reports of a tiger at the Bronx Zoo being tested positive for the Corona-19 virus…..

Currently, our best therapeutic option is to avoid contracting this plague. The ‘Stories’ and ‘Perspectives’ continue to evolve. Stay tuned in for future developments!

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