Pfizer mRNA CV19 Vaccine 2020-11.11

Image of the new Vaccine Pic syringe virus

Pfizer announced on November 9th, 2020 that they had cleared the 3rd Phase of clinical trials regarding their new mRNA CV19 vaccine. They reported a 90% therapeutic success rate in protecting the majority of their 43,538 patient volunteers having already received the double dose preventive vaccine. There are only 4,600 volunteers still to receive the final second dose and agreed to time frame prior to completing Pfizer’s final Phase 4 reporting. All looks promising, so much so that the Stock Market has responded in significant fashion. Operation Warp Speed involving the Department of Defense will handle the stockpiled US supply of vaccines. There is some controversy regarding the significant stock sales by many executives who appear to profit handsomely. There is also some concern for the political timing of the Pfizer announcement. A candid 11 minute discussion is included.