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Image of the Trumpeters Belmont
The 2020 Belmont Stakes will be run on Saturday, June 20th as the 1st Triple Crown Race. Its new distance is shortened from 1-1/2 miles to 1-1/8 miles. No spectators, including owners, will be allowed. The televised coverage will be one of the first and only live sports shows available that day. Spectatorship and gambling...
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Ed Ingles, the master of radio broadcasting
On 5/2/20, Dr. Beroza gave a 1 Hour Live Q&A Podcast Interview regarding a significant number of facts, figures, and his ‘Perspectives’ regarding the current situation of the Corona-19 Viral Pandemic, and its effects on the entire Animal Kingdom. He comments on PPE; Testing; Infection in Domestic & Wild Animals & Man; Diagnostics & Potential...
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Image of Cute Gray and White Cat
There is current interest in whether or not the CV-19 can be transmitted from people to animals; and/or if from animals back to people. This is called Zoonotic transfer. Recently several additional large cats at the Bronx Zoo and 2 US Domestic cats have been identified as harboring the CV-19. Such concepts are discussed, as...
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Image of a Doctor holding Stethoscope and Mask
Please engage the Youtube Link to watch my personal 9 minute video with important CV-19 ‘Perspectives’ -The worst of the CV-19 storm may be subsiding, but what’s next? There will still be new victims…. It’s an important balance to continue practicing healthy social distancing while not sliding from an imposed Recession into Inflation and/or Depression....
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Poster of Covid 19 Virus Update By WHO
‘One Veterinarian’s Perspective on Corona-19 Virus’  by Dr.GBeroza  4/5/20 – statements are only my personal opinion & officially backed by no one else The CV-19 Pandemic infection originated in China as a new strain of virus attributed to animal-human cross contamination of blood involving the slaughter of bats in the Wuhan market. That market has...
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